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How To Choose A Green Bag
- Dec 11, 2018 -

How to identify several key points for selecting canvas bags, here are a few very important points for everyone. We can start with the raw materials and feel comfortable and delicate with the touch of hands. This is the first step. record.

1. It is the raw material. The canvas feels comfortable and delicate. The canvas is originally a burlap material. It must be textured. It is just a good canvas texture. It has a uniform and delicate feel, but the quality is poor. The fabric feels rough and even hard, and the true 100% cotton material smells a touch of plant fragrance.

2. Look at the linings and accessories. The lining of pure cotton is much more expensive than the lining of chemical fiber. Of course, it is more solid, not easy to draw, and feels first-class. Maybe we will encounter this situation from time to time. Bad, the lining is broken first, so when choosing a shopping bag, the lining is very important, an awesome canvas bag, the details of the lining can not be ignored.

3. Look at the workmanship, the finer the stitches are, the stronger the bag is, the less likely it is to open the thread. Anyone who buys a canvas bag knows this. The bag opening is a very boring thing, so remember, no matter The open line is still a dark-sewed bag. The length of the stitches should be uniform and uniform, and there is no wire exposed. If there is no wrinkle in the stitching, whether the wire has come, see if the wire head will cause the bag to crack.

4. Look at the color, the cloth bag is compared with the leather bag or other material bags. The color that can be selected has always been relatively small. The main reason is that the fixing problem of the canvas fabric has not been solved well, and the color cannot be highlighted. Bright and beautiful.

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