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What Are The EVA Cases?
- Jan 05, 2019 -

First, the types of EVA products are:

EVA computer bag, EVA glasses case, EVA earphone bag, EVA kit, EVA cosmetic case, EVA CD bag, EVA mobile power pack, EVA bra storage bag, EVA electronic cigarette case, EVA watch case, EVA audio package, EVA toiletries Storage bag, EVA mobile phone bag, EVA medical bag, EVA boot power pack, EVA pen case, EVA mobile phone bag, EVA bottle case, EVA storage bag, EVA game bag, EVA tableware bag, EVA hat, etc.

Second, the eva kit advantages summary:

1, no pollution

Resistant to seawater, oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals, antibacterial, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting;

2, the production process

And easy to hot press, cut, glue, fit and other processing;

3, good performance

High resilience and tensile strength, strong toughness, and good shock/cushion performance;

4, heat insulation and cold resistance

Insulation, excellent cold resistance and low temperature performance, can withstand severe cold and exposure;

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